I build websites, WordPress & jQuery plugins and other online goodies. In my time, I have built brochure sites, e-commerce sites, responsive sites, mobile sites, fully JavaScript-based sites, web-based applications, Facebook apps & pages and lots more.

Mesklin Net Technologies is the name of the company through which I provide my contracting and consultation.


My customers include multinationals, large companies, small companies, one-person startups, public bodies, charities, volunteer organisations and individuals.

My skills include, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Microsoft .NET, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Linux admin, Windows server admin and mail server admin. I also have experience in using and maintaining PBX and UC systems such as the Mitel 3300 and Microsoft Lync.

I generally do my work in WordPress, and have become an expert in heavily customising it and moulding it in to any solution a client requires. I am a firm advocate of the open source movement and I believe WP is one of the best examples.

About Me

I have worked in many different roles within the industry, for all different sizes of firm. From general IT support, to junior .NET developer, to service manager, Linux operations, media ad operations and hardware dogsbody, for small companies with just a handful of employees, through mid-size firms with several dozen to worldwide groups.

I am available for contract work, to help you imagine, design, build and run your website – have a look at my previous work for a taste of what you can expect. My rates are competitive, and my work is of the highest standard. My CV is available upon request and you can follow, befriend or otherwise stalk me on various social networks.

In what little spare time I have, I enjoy watching and playing sport, enjoying real ale and generally being a geek :-)

Why Mesklin?

One of my loves is hard science fiction – where accuracy is as important as entertainment. If you have ever watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, you’ll know that there’s no sound in space! One of my favourite books is a collection of short stories by an author named Hal Clement. He wanted to create a planet whose gravity varied wildly, and spent a very long time working out the physics of his Heavy Planet, whose gravity was a little above Earth normal at the equator, but crushing at the poles.

That planet he named Mesklin, and stated that other authors were free to use it, as long they employed scientific rigour.

Oh, did you mean why choose Mesklin for your next project? In that case, have a look at my values, check out my portfolio of previous work, be impressed by my list of professional skills or compare your list of useful links to mine.

If you’ve read enough, how about dropping me a line?