Early Life

I was born and raised in Poole, a picturesque (if mundane) seaside town full of tourists, geography enthusiasts and fish & chips.

My school days were spent at the local Grammar School, which I left in 1998 with A-Levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and German.

In Sep 1998, I went Exeter University to study Computer Science. Although it was a life-changing experience, certainly on the social front, I became disillusioned with the course and left part-way through my second year in 2000, to start earning some money.

Grown Up Life

A few temp jobs and a ‘grown-up’ job later, in 2004 I moved from Exeter to Aylesbury, and from there to London. Since that move in 2005, I have lived in Swanley, Eltham, Bermondsey (twice) and Croydon. In many ways, I have become a Londoner, but nothing beats getting out of the smoke for a few days to enjoy a slower pace of life, and a cheaper pint.

In recent years, I have become a real-ale enthusiast and until the end of 2014 was the webmaster for the SE London branch of CAMRA. Whilst not as vocal or active as others, I do care about a nice pint and the preservation of pubs – I feel that there is far too much commercialisation and too little in the way of choice nowadays. I am of course, starting fall in to the cliché of the grumpy old man though.


Two things were thrust upon me in my formative years, to the point that I don’t remember not ever doing them.

The first is football, which I have apparently played almost as long as have been able to run. Everybody on the estate played it and most schooldays saw me kicking a ball around the playground at lunch and then joining the bigger lads up to the top field after school. As I got older, I got in to the more refined game of cricket and my physical size as a teenager led inevitably to me playing rugby. I don’t claim to be any good at these sports, by the way, just that I’ve played them a lot. Sadly, I don’t get a lot of time for anything other than the odd game of ping-pong nowadays, but my Sky Sports subscription does tend to represent good value for money…

I am a massive AFC Bournemouth fan, but only get to see them a couple of times a year. As I write this, they are currently top of the Championship, so I may for the first time in my life be a Premier League fan by the end of 2015 have completed a fairy-tale rise through the divisions to the Premier League! I also follow Poole Town FC, Hampshire CCC and Exeter Chiefs RFC.

The second part of my growing surrounded computers; my father was very into the fledgling world of 8-bit computing in the early eighties and owned an Oric Atmos and an Atari 800XL. My first computer was an Oric 1, followed by a ZX Spectrum +2 and Amiga 600, before I got my first PC in 1996. I picked up many other bits on the way, as my parents frequently visited car-boot sales and this has fueled my modern obsession with old computers. Maybe one day I’ll open a small museum…


In July 2014, my girlfriend Paula and I were honoured to welcome our son, Dylan, in to the world. Although we are possibly biased, we think he’s the greatest little thing ever :-)

Mummy, Daddy and Dylan on London Bridge


Enough about me. I’m sure you want to hear what I can do for you.